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Definition: Something

Something (pronoun): An indeterminate or unspecified thing, amount or extent

  • We all remembered something of their visit.
  • She was a biology teacher, but she knew something about physics.


Definition: Anything

Anything (pronoun): Any object, occurrence, or matter whatever.

  • Do you have anything you’d like to say?
  • I will have anything to eat.


We use something in affirmative sentences.

We use anything in negative sentences and in questions.





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  • We use the Present Continuous tense to speak about things which are happening now or things which are temporary.

    I am not working now. I am on holiday.
    Sally is listening to a new CD.
    Who are you phoning?

  • The Present Simple tense describes usual, repeated and permanent things – for example, always, usually, often, sometimes, never.

    I work as an accountant.
    John doesn’t know German.
    How often do you play tennis?

  • Compare how these two tenses are used.

    Why are you walking to work? Don’t you usually go by bus?
    I live in Kharkiv, but now I am living in Moscow.
    Usually we have dinner at 7, but today we are having it at 9.

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